My Bucket List

Everyone has hopes and dreams. That's why I have a bucket list and also a I will list

001. Help someone check of something of their bucket list.
002. Visit every country in Europe.
003. Visit another continent.
004. Go on a vacation with my two best friends.
005. Visit the Chinese wall.
006. See the Northern lights.
007. Climb to the top of a mountain.
008. Take a swim in the Dead Sea.
009. Go on an adventure with my brother.
010. Take my mother to a SPA.
011. Go on a winter holiday.
012. Visit a magical library.
013. Live in a new country for a while.
014. Visit Ronan, Montana (It's a town that I'm stalking online, it's less creepy than it sounds I swear!).
015. Visit Alaska.
016. Visit the Norwegian Fjords.
017. Go on a road trip.
018. Go back-packing.
019. Go on a vacation without knowing the destination.
020. Go on a trip with my father.
021. Go on a trip with my love.
022. Go on a vacation with my family.
023. Go on dates with my kids (a little get away for just the two of us).
024. Visit Gogolin.
025. See the guard change at the Buckingham Palace.
026. Fly in a hot air balloon.
027. Fly on a plane.
07 May 2018 Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Tallinn, Estonia
028. Ride in a fast and expensive car.
029. Own a motorcycle.
030. Attend a black tie gala.
031. Attend an official movie premiere.
032. Ride in a carriage.
033.Complete a +1000 pieces jig-saw puzzle.
034. Solve a Rubic' s cube.
035. Learn skiing or snowboarding.
036. Learn to bake bread and rolls from scratch.
037. Learn to do a flip.
038. Make a fire without a lighter or matches.
039. Learn how to shoot a gun (bb gun).
040. Learn how to shoot a bow.
041. Make a house out of cards.
042. Learn a new language.
043. Learn sign language.
044. Learn how to ride a horse (meaning that I won't fall off it).
045. Knit a sweater for someone.
046. Bake a cake for my mother's birthday.
047. Bake a cake for my father's birthday.
048. Go dog sledding.
049. Ride a zip-line.
050. Get a new tattoo.
051. Play a game of paintball with friends and family.
052. Hug a gigantic tree.
053. Sing a karaoke duet with a stranger.
054. Attend a masquerade.
055. Attend a live tv-show.
056. Attend a book signing.
057. Go to Comic-Con.
058. Attend a ballet performance.
059. See a Cirque du Soleil show.
060. Go to a concert of an artist or band that I like.
25 August 2018 Imagine Dragons in Gelredome

061. Take a mud bath.
062. Stay in a 5-star hotel.
063. Have a picture wall in my house.
064. Take a night train.
065. Cut down a Christmas tree.
066. Finnish a whole blogmas/blogmas.
067. Ride on a tandem with someone.
068. Have a cake fight.
069. Go skinny dipping.
070. Go bungee-jumping.
071. Own a house.
072. Give someone control of my life for 24 hours.
073. Eat something that I can't pronounce.
074. Plant a tree.
075. Apply to an audition in a production.
076. Sell a piece (my art I mean).
077. See a musical.
078. Take a picture every day for a year.
079. Have a pen-pal (someone that I have never met in life).
24 October 2018
Misty from USA has become my pen-pal
080. Find my soulmate.
081. Adopt a child.
082. Become a godmother.
083. See a perfect sunset with my love.
084. High-five a stranger on the street.
085. Own pets.
086. Volunteer.
087. Host Christmas for my friends.
088. Host Christmas for the whole family.
089. Dance with someone in the rain.
090. Kiss someone under the mistletoe.
091. Share a New year's kiss.
092. See the sunrise and sunset without sleeping.
093. Pay someone forward.
094. Organize a party for a friend.
095. Properly celebrate Easter.
096. Marry my love.
097. Have kids.
098. Celebrate all the Polish-pagan holidays during a year.
099. Meet an online friend.
100. Meet an actor/actress.
101. Meet an artist.
102. Meet an idol.
103. Meet a social influencer.
104. Meet a musician.
105. Meet a comedian.
106. Meet a tv-personality.
107. Meet my look-a-like twin.
108. Donate blood.
109. Become an organ donor.
110. Become a bone marrow donor.