Goals and Resolutions for 2018

I know that it's the second week of January and that you probably read everyones resolutions and targets for this year. But since you read the 50 other resolutions posts you can read one more :)

Over the years my resolutions have evolved from u realistic ideals to baby steps. And I really mean baby steps. Some of my resolutions seem to move from year to year, while others get smaller or bigger each year.

I learned that resolutions work for me when they are more like a red string to guide rather than a constrictive shaft that I have to go through. If I don't complete the resolutions, that's okay. As long as I try and do my best and at least complete one, I'll feel good about it.

It also doesn't help to make too many resolutions if you have a hard time completing them. So here are my goals and resolutions for 2018.

Lose about 20 kg till December
Seems like a lot but it's only about 2 kg a month. When I gained the weight it actually haopened in about this tempo so I think that it should be doable.

Finish at least the first course of Swedish
Ah me and my motivation to learn. I've been learning Swedish for the past 2 years and still can't seem to move past lesson 1. Since I'm going on a trip to Sweden in May I really have to start taking it seriously. 

Get back into arts
Painting, drawing and coloring used to be my passion. But over time I lost the will to create. I was actually good at it even though I never seemed to have a personal style. I miss it and I think it will be good for my anxiety. 

Find a rhythm with friends
Haning out with friends is often a bit diffecult when you're and adult. We all have work of collage and other duties and responsibilities to attend to. And finding the right time for everyone to hang out can be hard. But I want to hang out more with my friends so that I won't miss as much.

Finally get my ass it's own place
I'm trying to move out for years and can't seem to be able to. On one side I'm picky because I don't want to put myself in a worse position than I'm in right now. But I'm a bit scared that the negative comments though my life by my family will be true.
So I need to put my mind to it and listen to my friends instead and get myself my own apartment. 

I have a few more things that I want to accomplish this year but they are personal and some are a bit weird.

So what are your resolutions or plans for 2018? Let me know in the comments below :)