Stocking Fillers

Honestly I forgot that this post wasn't scheduled, Oooops! But here it is still on the 9th of December so it counts :)

In many countries it's custom to have stockings at the mantle piece filled during the Christmas time. It's not custom in my country but I do have a few fun idea's for cheap and useful stocking fillers.

- Socks, because everyone loves a pair of festive socks.
- Sweets, the classic
- Earphones, in this day and age everyone uses something to listen to music.
- Scarves, mittens and cap, just in time for the cold days in the snow.
- Wooden/metal mind games, to keep them occupied for some time.
- Make-up, saves some wrapping and is fun to get both girls and guys. (Guys also love a good chap-stick when it's freezing and a good moisturizing cream)
- Small jewelry, necklaces, earrings and wristbands don't have to be expensive
- Pampering kits, bath bombs and melts, foaming gels and bath oils.
- Memo blocks and writing pads, of course in mini format.
- Personalized key-chains, so you won't lose your keys again.
-  Anything at all, it depends on how much you can spend, how big the stocking is and if you plan on doing separate gifts too.