Christmas Tree, Real or Fake?

Let's dive into the old debate of getting a real of fake Christmas tree.

Poland actually had a Podłaźniczka before they mimicked the Germans and their Christmas tree. Podłaźniczka is either a branch or the top of a fir, spruce or pine hung from the ceiling. It's decorated with nuts, little straw figures, apples, cookies and colored paper. It's believed that they have magical powers and will ensure a good year and harvest.

At home we don't have a Podłaźniczka anymore, but we do have a Christmas tree. A fake tree is easy to maintain and can be used for years. But a real tree has a wonderful smell and is better for the environment.
Realm Christmas trees are grown on fields and every cut down tree is replaced with a new one. Also real trees are bio-degradable while the fake once are not. If you want to get something more than a cut down tree just for a month, you can buy like me a small tree in a pot like me. If you can keep plants alive, you can enjoy it for years.

Meet Mateusz(Matthew) my Christmas tree