Cheap Decorations

Like most people I love decorations, but buying new bits and bobs can be quite expensive. I often don't have the money for it. So why not get a bit creative and do some cheap decorations?

Mother nature is wonderful and is a great muse for seasonal decorations. The great thing about it that you can get most of these for free.

Pine cones are great for Autumn and Winter and can be used in many ways. You can just trow them on a plate and put a candle in the middle. Or maybe glue them together and make a wreath. You can also paint them or put glitter on them to spice them up.

Twigs and branches are also fun and easy to use. You can put a few evergreen twigs in a vase or even bare twigs painted or not. Or from some thin and fine twigs you can also make a wreath or shapes to hang on the wall.
Re-using old Decorations
We all have some old decorations that we don't use anymore or that we got from a relative. There are countless ways to re-use or re-purpose old decorations. Depending on the tools to your disposal you can create some unique and awesome decorations and statement pieces.

Dollar Stores
Every country has them usually under different names but you know what I mean by those cheap stores. No the quality is usually not so great but you can always find a gem or two between all the mess.