Small Stationary Haul

I love buying books and stationary and anything artsy.

So while in Kraków I came across this nice small store, that turned out to be heaven for me!
It has everything, from paper and hot glue sticks to even real seal wax (not the colorful crap that we all buy from ali-express), you know the red kind that you can break the seal in half.
So of course I couldn't resist and I had to buy a few things.

So first off we have the envelopes!
I kinda hate plain white envelopes and the colorful once usually scream at me CHILDISH (Yeah how can I not like them since I'm a small kid in an adults body? Beats me).
I saw the small brown envelopes first. There are occasions where you don't want to write a card, or you just have something small that you need to wrap. So when I saw them I was like:
So I bought 10 of them each cost me 1,-zł which is roughly about € 0,25
The big brown envelopes came in a set of 50 pieces that cost 12,90 zł
The creme small envelopes are a bit bigger than the brown ones and a set of 10 cost 3,50 zł
The big ones are also a set of 10 and cost 5,90
What I like about the creme envelopes is the subtle rose design made from gold lines and dots.

I also bought two folders for my drawings and I love the designs. Both cost 2,90 zł a piece
Look how cute the birdies are!

I had to buy some drawing paper of course because I don't have enough at home ( I went a little crazy okay? Don't judge me, I have a soft spot for artsy stuff).

I bought the top left drawing pad because I already have a bigger version at home and I often cut the pages in half. So I taught that this would be easier.
Szkicownik artystyczny 100 A6 pages 120g/m2 cost 4,50 zł
The pencils are various grit, made from cedar with anti-break formula and cost 14,40 zł
The blue drawing pad has 100 A4 pages 80g/m2 and cost 17,90
I really like the blue cover, it calms me down.
The Blog Listowy is actually from a different store and is a writing pad decorated with traditional Polish flower design. It costs 10,00 zł
The kitten pad is a two paper pad. There are 30 white A4 pages 80g/m2 and 30 brown A4 pages 90g/m2. I like that it has rings and two types of paper. It cost 11,00 zł

Writing pad
Two colors of paper in one drawing pad
I also went into a few book stores on my vacation and bought two books.

I bought Pan Tadeusz even though my mom has a copy in the attic. Every Polish person reads this story in poem at school. I read it when I was younger on my own since I spent most of my education in the Netherlands. But I want to read it again and see if I understand it better this time. It was a total buy 12,- zł, and is in my favorite color.
And I bought Sztuka Rysowania (The art of Drawing) to get the hang of drawing again. I've been in my drawing slump for too long and I want to get back at it again. It costs 49,90 zł but is an investment for generations.

So this has been my small haul. Do you like stationary? If so let me know in the comments below :)