Review: Spider-man Homecoming

Yes I know, a little bit late. But for those few people who live under a rock, here's my review of the movie.

The second reboot of the Spider-man. Honestly I don't think that Andrew Garfield was terrible as Spider-man. But I don't agree that he was missing the Umph.
I do think that Tom Holland has what it takes to be Spider-man. And I think that sharing Spidey between Disney and Sony is also a good move.

We got a small look at Spidey during the Captain America Civil War. And I have to be honest that I fell in love with this version from the beginning. And in this movie we get to see in dept how a teenager would act with these powers. And Tom is great at painting us a portrait of a fifteen-year-old with superpowers. Like wouldn't you want to spend every waking moment slinging from webs and crawling on ceilings? Well I wouldn't because of my fear of heights, but I would love to stick to ceilings and walls and be able to be flexible.

I also love how the story isn't about saving the girl and how the characters interact with each other in a way that is true to how high-schoolers act and behave. I love how MJ aka Michelle played by Zendaya has a small role but a big impact. And let's not forget to credit our man in the chair Ned Leeds played by the wonderful Jacob Batalon. If it wasn't for Ned Peter's life would've been a bit less challenging but also a little less awsome.

And lastly, I'm happy that this wasn't a movie about Iron Man. I think that in this movie Tony Stark is a great addition. Robert Downey Jr. takes a role of a mentor/father figure and think that it gives just enough dept to the movie and their relationship in the upcoming Infinity War.

My opinion:
It's a great movie, not only for those who love action flicks but also for those who enjoy a good laugh. The movie is a bit less dark than it's predecessors, but I wouldn't go with kids under 10 to see the movie. It's a great movie to see in the cinema, definitely worth the money even in 3D.

Rating: 4.9/5.0
I enjoyed this movie a lot and I'll probably see it again in the cinema if i get the chance.