My Vacation

I went on a two week long vacation to Poland with two of my friends.
I wanted to go somewhere else but my friends motivation convinced me to go with them to Poland.

We were supposed to go as a group of four, but the person who convinced me to go, changed her mind. Yup, planning a group vacation isn't as easy as we sometimes might thing.
We had a few hiccups (triple-check everything because we didn't), but overall we had fun.

We visited Warszawa (Warsaw) and Kraków (Cracow) and all the places to sight see (including Auschwitz and Wieliczka, a salt mine).

So I packed a little as I could, and still ended up buying a bigger suitcase because I bought so much stuff there.
I think that I'm great at packing. And honestly when I was done, I still had place in my travel bag.
So next time I'll make sure to leave enough space for the stuff that I buy on my trips.

Our first stop was actually Berlin since we had three hours to kill between the buses. We had a lovely breakfast at the Benedict Hotel.

Our first Polish city was Warszawa, the capital of Poland. I learned there that chaotic places like that aren't my thing right now with my anxiety. One evening we got stuck in a protest and I had a total meltdown.

But I also learned that team work is important and that some things that seem awesome and easy for me, aren't always seen the same way by others.

On top of the Pałac Kultury in Warszawa

Kraków is a different story for me. I love the old getto Kazimierz and it's cute streets and nice cafes. I love the architecture of the city and the people and the food. I can see myself living in Kraków.

We actually improvised a bit more in Kraków and had there the most fun. If you ever plan to visit Poland I highly recommend Kraków and Wieliczka (salt mine).

The pictures aren't in great quality because I have an old camera, but the salt mines are a sight to see. Everything there is made from black salt that's (full of minerals). And there's even a salt lake in the mine. The chandeliers on one of the pictures are also made from salt. So when I say that everything is made from salt, I mean it. The air there is also very healthy because salt kills all the bacteria and the air is filled with minerals that are good for us.

This concludes my short and vague description of my vacation :)