I Love Napping!

No I'm not a child or an elderly person, but I admit that I love naps.

I don't drink coffee, because it makes me groggy. Sure, I enjoy a cup once in a while, but never to 'wake up'. I have also trouble sleeping at night, my body prefers to sleep during the day rather then during the night. My work is quite intensive, so I get tired physically as well as mentally.
One day I just came home and fell asleep on my couch. I woke up after 2 hours later and felt great.

When I went to school, I sometimes took short naps of 30 min but they made me cranky, slow and tired. So now every time I get the chance I take a nap of max 2 hours.
I don't take naps every day, my schedule isn't that perfect. But I do manage to nap at least twice a week. I also nap at different times of the day, depending on how I feel and if I have the time. Sometimes I take a short nap between 10AM and 2PM, but mostly I take one between 6PM and 10PM. You might think that it's a bit late, but I usually fall asleep at half 3 in the morning and I wake up between 6-7AM.

Maybe I like to nap because of my anxiety. I have it mostly under control, but I often still feel tired while doing nothing at all. I think that everyone should try out napping. Just let you body tell you what it wants. In this world and era, we all need some recharging.

Not everyone can nap, some people need the quiet or their own bed. I would recommend just to try and see what happens. I learned over time to sleep everywhere and in almost every position.
For the nappers I recommend to breathe slowly and deep, trying to make every breath longer. And if the noise is a bit distracting, concentrate on the sound of your own breath.
If you can't lie down, see what position works for you the best.

I wouldn't recommend napping just after eating, I know that the feeling of not doing anything after a meal is tempting, but it will prevent you from actually resting.
Sometimes I don't even sleep, I just lie down with my eyes closed and listen to music.

So do you nap? If so how long and when? If not, why? Let me know in the comments below :)