Review: The Space Between Us

Living on Mars.
That's what Sarah Elliot and her team are set to do. On their way to mars they discover that Sarah is pregnant. Upon arrival on the colony East Texas, Sarah gives birth to a baby boy. But because of complications, she doesn't survive.

The leaders of the company that control the colony decide to keep the child a secret in fear of what would happen to him if he would be brought to Earth. So Gardner Elliot( Asa Butterfield ) is raised for sixteen years on Mars by the scientists.

Gardner craves human connection, either by visiting Tulsa( Britt Robertson) on Earth or finding his father. Thanks to the help of a scientist Kendra Wyndham ( Carla Gugino ), who's in a way his mother figure, Gardner undergoes a surgery and training so that he can come to Earth. But after landing on Earth and being put in quarantine at NASA with numerous tests. Gardner learns that he'll die if he stays on Earth too long. Determined to find his father and meeting Tulsa, a girl he met over video chat, he escapes NASA and hits the road.
He finds Tulsa and after a strange introduction, she agrees to help him find his father. But the ride isn't as easy as they both think.

This story is unique, but probably not far from what can happen in the near future. Asa Butterfield really sells the idea of a kid seeing Earth for the first time. Gardner has never seen blue sky, or a horse or even felt wind on his face. Imagine that! He's also accustomed to other gravity and seeing him walk is truly one of the funniest things.

The cast plays really well together, but at times you could see Britt Roberson's age and that didn't sell her as a teen. I love how Gardner asked everyone what their favorite thing about Earth is.

Rating: 4.7/5.0
I recommend this movie to everyone! Well if you're at least 12 years old. The movie is entertaining but also puts our lives into perspective. It's also worth watching in the cinema because that way you'll feel more like you're there with them.

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