Green Thumbs in the City

Both my grandparents live in a small town. Everyone in the neighborhood had or still has a garden with vegetables and fruits. My grandmother moved two years ago to a flat, but her balcony is still full of flowers and herbs.

I live in a city now, and we do have a garden. When we got the dogs, my mother decided to put tiles in practically the whole garden, because the dogs kept digging holes. She left a bit to grow some vegetables and herbs, but they all failed. Probably because the soil isn't suitable and the fresh earth keeps being washed away with the rains (last year the weather was mostly hot with tropical-like rains and storms).

My mother likes to tell me that she did learn how to live properly and how to do things like growing veggies. And that my generation isn't capable of anything. Well I'm not dumb, I've grown food before with succes, and I love proving my mother wrong.

So I bought a few vegetables that I know will be eaten. I bought onions, cucumbers, carrots, green and yellow french beans and garden peas. I also want to plant few potatoes (one plant is enough for a meal for 4 people).
But I won't be planting them in the ground, I'll put them in pots. And that's the tricky part.
This way I'll resolve the problem of soil washing away and the dogs digging, but it can be tricky since most vegetables need lots of space and nutrients to grow.

But every problem has a solution, so let's hope that I won't screw this up.

So do you have a garden? If so, what do you grow in it? Let me know in the comments down below :)