Sinterklaas vs Święty Mikołaj

I missed one day because I got sick and totally forgot to set the post on Scheduled.
So now I'm merging both of them into one.

On the evening of 5th of December the Dutch people celebrate Pakjesavond. The wole family gathers in one home and Sinterklaas (St. Nicolas of Mira) and his trusty helpers Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters), deliver presents to good children. The presents are usually opened one by one, starting from the youngest child in the family.
Sinterklaas rides a gray horse called Amerigo on the rooftops, while the Zwarte Pieten help him with delivering the packages. They go down the chimneys and that's the reason why their hands and face are black (from the soot).
A tradition is also to receive a chocolate letter of your name and pepernoten.
Most Dutch people celebrate Sinterklaas as big or in stead of Christmas. From most polls it's still the biggest holiday in the Netherlands.

In the last few years there has been a debate about the Zwarte Pieten because some people think it's seen as discrimination because of the name and description. So many cities have chosen for Kleur Pieten (Color Peters).
In my opinion they now look a bit scary and stupid.

This year I received a letter and a jar with Pepernoten and candies.

Święty Mikołaj
Dzień Świętego Mikołaja also known as Mikołajki, is the birthday of St. Nicolas of Mira.
On the morning of 6th of December, children in Poland can find little gifts in their shoes, socks or under their pillow. So it's custom to clean and polish your shoes the evening before. The children usually receive a few small toys along with some candy, nuts (mostly walnuts) and fruits (tangerines or oranges).
Today a some people skip this holiday in favor of Christmas.

I'm not a kid anymore, but my mom still tries to combine the two traditions and puts a chocolate letter in our shoes to find in the morning on December 6th.

Do you celebrate St. Nicolas' birthday? If so, let me know in the comments down below :)