No Advent Calendar!?

Happy first day of Blogmas, everyone!

So I've had an Advent calendar every year as long as I can remember. When I was little I not only loved the chocolate, but also the tiny drawing behind the chocolate and the piece of a poem of story on the door (that's missing in today's calendars).

And to be honest, they don't excite me as much as they did when I was little, because I know exactly what's on the inside. And I'm not big on buying the expensive kinds with makeup of candles that won't be used. So this year I've bought myself two Advent Houses.

They are used as small presents but they were half-off and There are a few different things in them. The After Eight has 8 chocolates and one figure of Santa, while the Smarties has one big smarties roll, 3 mini boxes with smarties and a smarties filled Santa.

I know that the total is 14 treats but I'm going to Poland the 16th and I don't want to bring it with me. So I put everything in a jar and put two country bars for the missing two days.

Another great idea is to make an "Activities Advent Calendar". You can write down activities like: baking cookies or going ice skating. You can then use it as decor, or on a memo board.

Do you have an Advent calendar? If so let me know what kind.