Do You Hear the Music?

It's 3rd of December and to be honest I haven't heard any Christmas songs on the radio yet. People get so worked up by the question:
"When is it appropriate to listen to Christmassy songs?"

Well some say you can start listening when the Advent starts.
Others say from the first of December.
And in some countries like the Netherlands the songs start on 6th of December since they celebrate Sinterklaas on the evening of the 5th.

This year I started bit early, but only on my MP4 and officially since the first of December.
I like mostly the happy upbeat Christmas songs and most Polish Christmas carols.

Here are a few I like:
Let it Snow by Frank Sinatra
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Bing Crosby
Sparrow in the Birch by the Crofts Family
Merry Christmas, Merry Me by the Crofts Family
Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens

Biały Śnieg i Ty by Piotr Rubik
Hej Ludzie Idą Święta by Varius Manx
Święta Będą Cały Rok by TABB & Sound'N'Grace
Z Kopyta Kulig Rwie by Skaldowie
Jest Taki Dzień by Czerwone Gitary

What are your favorite Christmas songs? Let me know in the comments below :)