Today Polish people celebrated Barbórka. It's a mining holiday celebrated on the day of St. Barbara of Nicomedia, patron of hard work and good death.

It's mostly a big holiday in the southern part of Poland where the mines are located. Mining is very dangerous and hard to do. The miners risk their lives every day while going underground. And a holiday isn't always the best way to show them how we appreciate their work, but I think that they deserve a day of in their celebration.

Barbórka is also the name day of Barbara. In Poland quite a popular name so everyone knows a Barbara/Basia or two. In my family that's my second cousin and that also used to be my mother's godmother but sadly she passed away earlier this year.

Today was also the second Sunday of the Advent. My mom makes every year an Advent wreath, but forgets to light the candles.
We don't go to church here, so i spend the day organizing my new wardrobe and cleaning my room. We're trying to do the big cleaning from top to bottom. But it's hard since we'll start decorating for Christmas from the 6th and everything is in the attic. You may not think that it's a big deal, but my mom loves glitter during the season and our decorations are also partly covered in fake snow. And that leaves a friggin mess.

What have you done today? Let me know in the comments below :)