Why I don't celebrate Andrzejki

Tonight Polish people celebrate Andrzejki.

Andrzejki is a night of divinations in the night of 29th to 30th of November. It's either right before the advent or just when it has begun. In a way it's the last chance for a proper party before the advent starts. It's also a way for the singles to find out if their other half is near and if you can get ready for a wedding.

I really like Andrzejki and when I was little I couldn't wait to pour hot wax through a keyhole. And let's be honest, when you're as single as I am and you have just as bad luck dating like I do, you want to know if you're going to finally meet THE ONE.

So why don't I celebrate it? Well I live abroad and I don't hang around with Polish people here.
I know, for someone who loves their own country and traditions, I don't seem to feel the need to be around the people from my own country.

I don't feel the need because I have great friends with different backgrounds and cultures. And surrounding myself with Polish people is like a safety blanket. I wouldn't have learned and experienced other cultures and ways of life like I have.

Of course once I move back to Poland I'll go to the parties and I'll celebrate Andrzejki, but for now I'm okay watching an old movie that involves the celebration.