November Preview

Maybe you've noticed that I changed a few small things on my blog.

You can now subscribe to my blog through Bloglovin'
The tab is now on the right side of the blog.
And the colours are more Autumnal.

But let's get back to what I have in store for you in November.
This month I have nine post dates. And since this post is on my weekly schedule, there will be one extra post outside the Tuesday-Friday upload.
So keep your eyes open :)

This month you can count on:
- Autumn/Winter skin care
- An easy DIY
- Pre-Christmas tricks and tips
- A small Haul
- About The Advent

Of course I'm taking the precautions this time and I've made sure that i won't miss any upload date like I did in September. I hope that you'll enjoy reading the posts as much as I did writing them.