My Advent

I started three times writing this post. All big and boring with information you can find on Wikipedia. But I don't want to do it like that.

When I was little we went every day during the Advent to Roraty (a mass early in the morning in honor of Virgin Mary). We would either have lanterns of candles with us. The church would be only lit by us until we started to sing. Since many can't attend Roraty in the morning because of work of school, it's also often held in the evening.
Seen enough hair, scarves, etc. catching fire, and plenty candle wax on coats.
When the Advent starts it's also the time to bake pierniczki (gingerbread cookies). We would do that at least four weeks before Christmas because the cookies and cake need some time to soften.

The start of the Advent also means writing Christmas cards. And if you have a large family and many friends, then starting writing when the Advent starts is necessary.

It's the official start of Christmas songs on the radio in many countries. So that's fun. But it's also the start of the Christmas cleaning. My mother doen't only clean the house for the potential guests, but she also believes that the way you step into the new year, is the way your year will be. So messiness, debts and unresolved problems have to disappear before December 31st.
We clean everything before Christmas because let's be honest, nobody is going to clean up the attic after three day long binge-eating marathon.
The Christmas season officially begins so everyone starts buying presents like crazy. And kids and some grown-ups like me get happy because we get the Advent calendars.

I have to admit that it's also a very stressful time for my mother because she wants to do everything herself and make it perfect(even dough not everyone in my family appreciates it).

Does the Advent mean anything special to you? Let me know in the comments below :)