I Hate dating

Most people enjoy going on dates and meet new people, I don't.
I'm socially awkward most of the times, I never know what I should be talking about. I'm not very attractive and weird so finding someone nice to go on a date is hard and my many previous experiences with dating hardly ever been good.

And every time I swear it off and then a while later I do it again *massive facepalm*

I just want to go out with a nice guy, drink some tea or maybe eat something without me ending up pissed, annoyed of feeling hurt and insulted at the end of the date( I know that I'm ranting just let me get it off my chest).

I would like the guy to have some manners, like don't burp loudly in a fancy(It was fancy for me) restaurant, that's disgusting.
In my opinion if a guy asks you out to a restaurant he choose, he should pay (When I ask a guy out, I'm totally prepared to pay for him, equality).
Please don't compare me to your ex, or talk about her for almost an hour. If I wanted to get to know her, I would've gone out with her and not you.
And NEVER ask me if: I want to go to your place or mine for "Some fun", if I haven't given you any indication that I even want to touch you.

I know that I'm not perfect but why do I almost always have to go on dates with that kind of guys?