DIY Jar Light

Yes I know that today it's Wednesday and that my upload day is Tuesday. I just needed to buy a few things since I work a lot I hadn't had the time but them earlier.
But here you go a few easy ways to bring some Autumnal coziness into your home.

I love candles and string lights of almost any kind. They create a soft and warm light. But I want something else then just a light.

For this jar light you'll need:

- a jar
- modpodge or clear-drying glue
- string lights on batteries of a tea light
- a brush
- toothpicks to stir
- ink or food coloring
- small containers
* colored paper
* scissors
* glitter

Items with a * are optional.
Let get started!

First of all you need to make sure that your jar is clean and dry.
Mix the modpodge/glue with the ink/dye to the desired color.
If you want you can add some glitter to the colors like I did.
Let your creativity loose. If you just want to use the colors without the black shapes, make neat patterns with the brush.
Let the jar dry for a few hours.

I used some colored paper and cut circles in it.
When the jar was completely dry, I glued the paper to the jar with modpodge.
After the paper was glued, I covered the jar in a coat of modpodge.
I let the jar dry overnight.
The only thing left is to put in your light.

The top two are with sting lights and the bottom two with a tea light.