A (Mostly)Primark Haul

I'm not a fashion blogger or any kind of blogger for that matter, I just write my thoughts.

And I don't buy like a proper woman would do (I'm learning to buy to replace something).

But we all have those moments and sometimes we buy more than expected. To be honest most bloggers buy more in a week than I did in the last three months, but for my doing it's a massive load.

I've bought not only clothes, so I'll include the other random stuff I bought too (excluding presents).

Primark 3,50 euro
I have an obsession with socks. I buy them all the time! And they always disappear! Like, does the washing machine eat them up or something!?
The dots are shiny and they make me think of Christmas so I'll take them to Poland when I'll go.

Primark 3,50 euro
See friggin socks!
Okay I needed black socks for work and those cost just as much as a plain black pack, so I bought those too.

Primark 5,00 euro
Okay, I admit this is one of those things that i bought on impulse. My mom needed a kabuki brush and I saw those and couldn't resist. I don't need them, because I hardly ever do makeup. So I'll either see if I can give it as a small gift, or I'll return them.

Primark 1,- euro/ 2,50 euro
The first one I need for a dress, the second I need because not all my bra's fit like they should (and I always lose that crap).

Primark 11,- euro
I only have three pairs of pants that are wearable to work (no holes etc.), and my jeans get always dirty. So I bought a pair for an emergency because usually all my pants are in the washing machine at the same time. And yes I'm a size UK 14/ EU 44.

Primark 13,- euro
The last PJ I've bought were last year and those were Christmas ones. Most of my PJ are very old and worn and this is in part my Christmas present this year. They even have pockets, win-win!

Primark 18,- euro
Couldn't resist. I wanted to buy a sweater but there was nothing in the store that I liked and that fitted me. And a hoodie is something I wear all-year-round. And it's Harry Potter, and I love Harry Potter!

Primark 4,- euro
I had one of those with a kitten on it for i think two years. But the handles kept ripping off and the material started to tear. I have always one of those bags with me in case I have to do groceries or if I need stuff to carry.

Primark 1,50 euro
Bought those because I need to take care of my nails so that they'll look good for Christmas.

Action 1,49 euro
I've bought two of those. They make up a great addition to my decorations, whole-year-round. There are many ways to use it and I know that I'll use it for a long time.

Action 0,99 euro
I'm hitting a few dips lately when it comes to creativity and art, and coloring is easy and calming. I gave one to one of my friends. Hope she enjoys it as much as I do.
I have a big one but coloring an A4 piece takes way more time and this little guy I can take with me if i go anywhere.

Action 3,50 euro
I have one of those already but I want to use this one for my Christmas tree. I think that I'll paint it so that I'll have colorful lights.

Action 2,- euro
Face decorative snow. Because I love snow and if I can't have real snow I'll for sure have fake snow! I had to put it in a jar because the bag broke and the snow kept spilling everywhere.

Kaufland 0,99 euro
Even dough I hardly ever take baths (we use shower to be more eco-friendly), I'm in love with bath salts! I just put some on my sponge and this one is very fine and smells like raspberry.

I think that 15 items in three months isn't that many considering that I hardly bought anything during this year.