Goodbye October

I haven't posted anything since 14th of September on my blog. I also haven't been very active on social media.
I needed time to sort things out. Between the rush at work and piles of chores at home, I didn't want to make shitty posts just to keep up with my schedule. No one would enjoy them, neither my readers nor I.

It's always easier to give advise and words of wisdom, than to follow them. I always get a bit down this time of the year. The weather gets sad, just like the grey sky. There is no more breakfast in the garden or reading a book on a bench somewhere in the shadows. Even the Autumn leaves turn brown en sad.
Everything turns just cold, sad and empty. Bit dark but that's how I see it, and that demotivates me to do anything.

I took the time to get into a steady rhythm and to brainstorm a bit. This gave me insight to what to do when and how. It's not always easy to do something when people in your household expect you to help them out, and do chores when they want you to do it. It's kind of like having kids to which you have to listen to.

Now the break is over and I'm back. The posting schedule is still Tuesdays and Fridays and to those who haven't left in the meantime;
                             Thank You for staying. :)