Hello September

After deleting most of my posts and some time off I planned out my posts. Every first day of a new month I will make a post where you can get an idea what to expect from at least half of the posts that month. So lets begin.

September is in my eyes the month that starts Autumn(yes I say Autumn and not Fall). even dough the temperatures still indicate summer, the nights get colder and some trees start losing their leaves (they just fall off without ever changing colour). We also get bombarded with the new Autumn and Winter collections in the stores and of course, not to forget the decorations.

So what can you expect on this blog in September?
- I'm going to Poland for a week
- You can expect at least two easy DIY's with an Autumn theme
- A September TAG
- And a Haul (clothing and decorations)

This month there are nine post scheduled on my blog. I gave you hints to five of them. The other four I will fill in according to my life.
Because hey, You can't plan everything.