New Series of Fall 2016

Watching series is a hobby of mine. The Fall season is coming up and I love checking out new series. Here are a few that I will check out.
You can click on the title to watch the trailer.

I usually don't like politics and lawyers and all that. But I do like the psychological approach that this series is promising.

 I loved House. I love the whit and smart talk and this series comes close to this.

based on a movie with the same name. It's always fascinating how we would interpret changing the past, how it would change the present. I've seen the movie when I was younger and I want to see how they improved it in the series.

This series seems not only funny but it also shows the life of a family that struggles with finding the balance which is something every family struggles with once in a while.

Hayley Atwell plays a wonderful agent in Agent Carter. So of course I'm going to check her new series out!

Jack the Ripper. Everyone knows the name and many still fear it. But what if he came to our time? 

Okay we all know this guy, and it's actually a reboot. But seeing MacGyver in the era of technology doing stuff with practically nothing must be awesome! 

So what if I'm a girl. I still like action, guns and snappy comments.

So which series are you excited about? Let me know in the comments below :)