I Deleted My Posts

I never thought that I would be one of those people, but I had to.

Few months back all of the images used for my blog crashed and were unreadable. So almost 100 posts lost their images (most of them crucial to the post). So that was annoying as hell. I had too many tags on my posts and that made it very hard to find the one that I was looking for.

My posts also became messy and that made me feel stressed out. It annoyed me more and more and I had the feeling like I had to rewrite everything.

Since this blog is in a way like a diary to me, I decited to "tear out the pages" and begin anew.
I left the reviews and few other posts because those are the posts I put in most of the work.
I also edited the tags on the existing posts.

I promice to take better care of my blog from now on.