Review: Me Before You (movie)

This movie is based on a book with the same title by Jojo Moyes.

Louisa 'Lou' Clarke (Emilia Clarke) is a twenty-six-year-old living at home with her family and recently got laid off from a cafe. She's inexperienced and unqualified but her desperation to find work gets her a job as a caregiver for a disabled person.

She meets Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a thirty-one-year-old who was hit by a motorcycle two years ago and is palatalized from shoulders down. At first they don't hit off that well, but with time Will warms up to Lou.
In the meantime, Lou's father loses his job and Louisa finds out that Will gave his parents six months before he plans to go to Switzerland for euthanasia. Will gives Lou's father a job as the caretaker of the castle and she plans trips and days out for Will so he would see how wonderful life can be to change his mind.
Not all the trips are a success but they get closer to each other buy doing things. They even attend Will's ex-girlfriend's and his best friend's wedding.

Will get's very sick at one point so Lou plans a big trip to Mauritius with will's nurse Nathan. One the last night on the island Will tells Lou that he loves her, and she that she loves him and they share a kiss. But then Will confesses that he still wants to go to Switzerland and that breaks Lou's heart.

At the end Lou goes to Switzerland to say goodbye to Will. And a few weeks later she's found in Will's favourite cafe, reading a letter he wrote her. He left her enough money to further her education and to let her 'live well' and sends her to a perfumery to buy a scent that he thinks will be good on her.

I loved the cast and enjoyed how they translated the characters onto the screen. Especially Sam who couldn't move a lot and Matthew Lewis who played Patrick, Lou's unthoughtful boyfriend. It was also great and fascinating how I didn't see them as other characters like Finnik, Denearys and Neville.

It's a romantic-comedy (because I laughed just as much as I cried). It's great to see with your second half or with your friends eating ice cream and hugging pillows.
Overall: 5/5