Review: The Legend Of Tarzan

The year 1999.
The year that Disney released Tarzan into the world. It's based on Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Boys and girls all over the world fell in love with this story, and like many so did I.

Now seventeen years later we finally get the grown-up version, and boy did they do a good job.


Congo is divided between Belgium and the United Kingdom. By building a national railroad and other infrastructure, the Belgian government is on the verge of bankruptcy. King Leopold II of Belgium decides to send his envoy Leon Rom(Chrisoph Waltz) to secure the diamonds of Opar to pay off the debt. The expedition is ambushed and killed, except from Rom who has to has to capture and bring Tarzan to chief Mbonga(Djimon Hounsou).

Lord John Clayton III /Tarzan(Aleksander Skarsgard)  returns to England as "Lord Greystroke" with his wife Jane Porter(Margot Robbie). He's invited by King Leopold to visit Boma, as a campaign to spread the development of the Congo by Belgium. He declines but decides to go when George Washington Williams(Samuel L. Jackson) tells him that he suspects that the Congolese people are enslaved.
Jane isn't happy when she find out that John wants her to stay in England but he changes his mind seeing how much she misses her home.
On arrival they skip Boma and go to a tribe that knows John and Jane from their time in Congo. Jane grew up with the tribe because her father taught English there. But Rom and his people track down the trio, kill the tribes leader, capture Jane and John and burn the village taking strong men from the tribe. John manages to escape but has to follow Rom to save Jane and the tribe members.

On his way to rescue Jane, John and George encounter evidence of slavery and John's Ape family who's leader is his ape brother Akut. He also almost kills Mbonga but George stops him.

Overall: I love the cast and how well the actors represent their characters. I love how they showed how John's body adapted to a life as an ape and how funny and feisty Jane is. Also the interactions with animals and the landscapes were breathtaking. It's also nice how they showed the whole story including flashbacks of how John became Tarzan.
It was a good choice that they didn't go too heavy on the 3D (but I still got a headache).

I give this movie: 9.8/10
It's a great movie for everyone, but I wouldn't take kids under the age of ten since some scenes can be a bit dark and scary.