Review: Finding Dory

Back in 2003...wait, has it been that long ago!? Jeez I'm old!
Okay, back in 2003 I saw Finding Nemo and I fell in love with Dory(voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), a forgetful regal tang. And later on I found the Internet  and met the wonderful person behind the voice.

Thirteen years later we get to see what is happening to Dory, Marlin and Nemo.
One year after Finding Nemo, Dory is helping Marvin raise Nemo. She's still forgetful but remembers a moment from her childhood when Mr Ray's class goes on a field trip to see the stingray migration. She remembers a flash of her family and wants to go find them with the only clue she almost immediately forgets; Jewel of Morro Bay.

Marvin doesn't think that it's a good idea but Nemo persuades his father to help Dory. They get a lift from Crush on the water current to California. That's when it goes south.
They have an unpleasant encounter with a giant squid that almost eats Nemo. Marvin gets upset at Dory and they get seperated when Dory tries to get help, but is 'rescued' by volunteers from the Marine Life Institute.

There she meets the grumpy seven -legged octopus Hank, a whale-shark Destiny who is her childhood friend and doesn't see that well and Bailey the beluga-whale who claims that he isn't able to echo locate. She also get more flashbacks from her childhood.
In the meantime Marvin and Nemo try to rescue Dory from the Institute with the help of two sea lions and a common loon.

Overall: This movie is not only great for the kids, but also for the not so kids anymore. I think that the producers knew that a lot of the adults would go watch the movie because there are more than a few references that only adults will understand. And even dough I dislike 3D, they didn't go too heavy so I didn't have sore eyes or headache.
I give this movie: 5/5