New (organized) Rating Scale*

Lately I've been posting a few reviews and I even made a page to make it easier to find them. And I noticed that I rate differently every time I post a review.

I'm too lazy to change the ratings on my reviews(I would have to read all of them), so from now on I going to use the following rating scale:

0.0-1.9 BAD, I did'n like it and I don't recommend my readers to see it.
2.0-3.5 AVERAGE, I liked it but I would watch something else if given the chance.
3.6-4.5 GOOD, I liked it a lot and recommend my viewers to see it too.
4.6-5.0 EXCELLENT, I loved it a lot and urge my readers to see it.

0-1 BAD, It didn't resemble the original content at all where it should.
2-3 ACCEPTABLE, It's loosely based on the original content and it doesn't bother me that much.
4-5 GREAT, The original content comes here to life. It resembles the original content perfectly.

I hope that this system will make it a lot easier to read the reviews. And I hope that it looks at least a bit more organized than before.

*This rating scale is for Books, Movies, Series and Games.