Review Captain America Civil War

I really love the MCU and their movies but they should've called it 'Avengers' 3 and not 'Captain America'. There was just too much going on with the other super heroes to make me feel like this was a CA movie.

I love what they did with the campaign and trailers, they made us speculate so much that we didn't see the actual movie plot coming (well, some things are obvious but you know what I mean once you've seen the movie). Things aren't as they seem.

I liked the little jokes and come-backs. The scene with Sam and Bucky in the car made me spit out my drink from laughter. I loved the part where Peter Parker was recruited by Tony Stark, and I have to admit that Holland represents the Spiderman from the comics the best (in my opinion).

I loved the fighting scenes. I enjoyed the stairwell fighting scene where Bucky runs. I loved the scene where the Winter Soldier attacks everyone. They aren't only good because of the choreography but also because of the dialogue.

The airport fight didn't disappoint me and made me like Ant-man more. But it was also a fight that was packed and I had trouble keeping up(especially in 3D).

What I did miss is more of the chemistry that I saw in Winter Soldier. Like the bond Black Widow and Cap had. Some of the new bonds don't seem so natural anymore.

I'm not satisfied with the ending, but I hope that it's not the end for ..... and hope to see more of him in the future.

Overall I do recommend everyone to see Captain America Civil War but for the Civil War and not Cap. You will enjoy this movie even if you have never seen any of the previous movies (but you will miss a few inside jokes 'I can do this all day').
I'm giving it an 8/10 and prefere to see it in 2D.