Review: The Jungle Book

Like most people my age I grew up watching Disney. And as an adult I still enjoy it's work. And it's nice to see the animated stories come to life in a new light.

I have to admit that the world building looked wonderful (even dough I had to watch it in bloody 3D). It made me feel like I was watching through a window into a jungle. And the work on the animals was perfect. I've seen a few movies where animals talk and they always looked silly or alien. But in the Jungle Book they seem very real and natural, even when they speak.

I also liked the few changes in the plot and how they choose to tell Mowgli's story. You could really feel the bond between the 'human cub' and its adoptive pack. The story also centers more about Mowgli fitting in the jungle that his friendship with Baloo (we do get to see them become friends, don't worry).The jokes and songs also made a nice addition just like the almost unexpected tense moments that made me jump(yeah Louie scared the crap out of me). And the child in me couldn't resist and had to sing along to "Bear Necessities" and "I Wanna be Like You". And since the animated version was the last cartoon that Walt Disney oversaw, I think that he would be proud of how this version came out.

This movie also made me more excited to see The Legend of Tarzan. I recommend this movie for actually everyone since it's not just a children's tale. It's great for kids and adults but I would recommend it for kids 10 or older so you won't traumatize the little-one's.