Review Shadowhunters

You may remember from a post back in November that I was over the moon about Shadowhunters becoming a series. I just wanted it to be at least decent.

Please keep in mind that this is MY PERSONAL OPINION of the show, others may like it.

As of now the series aired five episodes on Freeform and can also be watched on Netflix.
I saw the short preview back in November and was excited because it looked quite good. Well, I'm not so happy about it now that I've seen a few episodes.

The acting is quite bad, the lines are boring, predictable and stiff. I really want to like it but the only few lines that are good come from Simon and don't come close to the funny and witty personality that his character is supposed to be. It's like a cheap, bad teen drama.

Clary seems at times like a whiny kid, Isabelle portraits half the time easy laid, Jece is a robot and Alec seems bored. Ok I exaggerate a bit but compared to the books and the movie that's how I see it.

I really want to like it but they make it so hard for me. I won't even start on the terrible special effects, but I do have to say that the wolves looked decent. I followed their Instagram and they posted video's of their training which looked great, but on screen they lack dynamic and complexity that a real fight has.
The roles also seem mostly empty, like if a robot is reading them, and the lines don't seem to mimic real conversations.

Even writing about it makes me sad. If Shadowhunters was more like the Shannara Chronicles or even Buffy the Vampire, I would have liked it.

I will give it a chance and watch the whole season but I doubt it.