Review Deadpool

Yes I know that I missed the post on Tuesday but at least we got Friday!

I recently saw the Deadpool movie, and it was even better that I hoped for! Well it was eleven years in the making and it's Ryan Reynolds second baby, so to speak so of course it has to be great.

For a movie with a $58 million budget (usually movies like that have around $150 mil. to spend), it's a masterpiece. You know how sometimes you watch a movie and the CGI is in some parts just rubbish? Well I couldn't find any of that in Deadpool. Which means that they really know how to spend money wisely and that everyone gave their 100% to make this movie happen.

First of all I really loved the marketing! We got to enjoy short clips with information about the movie in the "12 Days of Deadpool" but also the billboards and posters! Here are a few of them
Some of them were a bit misleading but that's the best part of it. I like the bottom two the most.

The you got the great lines and references and the....."squirrel!" attitude that makes it so funny.
Deadpool is also the first 'hero' who breaks down the fourth wall. He knows that he's in the movie and talks to the audience.

One of my favorite  moment when Ajax aske Deadpool what his name is and Deadpool was like:
"I f****** spell it out for you."
And he did! With bodies, and he even got the point above the I (You'll get it if you saw the movie).

Overal: It's one of the best movies that I've ever seen 10/10.
And I'm very happy that it's R-rated because if it wasn't it would mis so many great moment that make the movie.
I recommend this movie to everyone old enough to see it. It's has for everyone something.