EN Review Series Fall 2014-2015

So to be honest I watch a lot of series, like A LOT. The series that started in the Fall season ended this week so I decided to list the once I liked the most.
In the Fall season 2014-2015 I watched:

American Horror Story
Once Upon a Time
The Originals
Sleepy Hollow
The Vampire Diaries
The 100

Best Season Plot
This one goes to Arrow. The back stabbing and the alliance between enemies kept me interested. It's a great series for both sexes, guys get the hot chicks and the action and girls get the hot guys and withy humor (or the other way around).

Best Final Episode
It has to go to The Vampire Diaries. The final episode of season 6 is about Nina Dobrev aka. Elena Gilbert leaving the TVD family.
I think that they did a wonderful job at giving the character Elena a heartfelt goodbye and cutting all the loose ends so that season 7 can have a fresh start.

Most Needed Plot twist
Sometimes a story gets boring for the audience and they have to change it so a series won't die. This happend to Reign season 2. After a great and quite original season 1 the people behind Reign made it boring and very predictable. I used to watch it together with 3 other friends but I think that I was the only one watching til the end. They did manage to save the series with a plot twist in the last two episodes. I do hope that season 3 will be better than 2 and will live up to the glory of season 1.

Most Enjoyble Season
This one goes to The 100. It's different, it's based on a book, it's interesting and I loved it. My favourite used to be American Horror Story and Supernatural but The 100 is WAY better (sorry to all the fans of AMS and SN). The plot twists, the visuals and the convincing acting make this series great. I can't wait for season 3.
So here you go my thoughts on the fall series, spring/summer series review will be somwhere in september.

What is your favourite series? Why? Do you agree with my list or not? Let me know in the comments :)