EN》Series: Outlander

What can I say, I love series! My best friend Anne made me aware of this series and I love it! Usually it takes a few episodes to suck you in, but Outlander did a great job by getting me totally hooked at the second episode.
The series are an adaptation of the Outlander book series written by Diana Gabaldon. I recommend to read the books too, a specially if you enjoy the tv series. The first season consists of 16 episodes. First episode was aired on August 9th, 2014 on Starz. On August 15th, 2014 Starz renewed the series for a second season with at least 13 episodes. The second season will be based on the second book in the series called Dragonfly in Amber. The title song is composed by Bear McCreary and is an adaptation of the poem Sing me a Song of a Lad that is Gone, written by Robert Louis Stevenson and the tune of the Scottish folk song The Skye Boat Song.(I really love it)
In 1945 a World War II combat nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall, goes with her husband Frank Randall on a second honeymoon to Scotland. They go to Inverness to enjoy them self's after being separated form each other for five years. Frank is researching his family history, that of Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall to be exact.  One day they witness a "Witch ritual" around some standing stones. After that Claire decides to go back to research flowers and is compelled to touch one of the stones.
She wakes up lying on the ground but as she later finds out not in the Scotland of 1945 but the Highlands (Scotland) of 1743. She also has the"pleasure" of meeting Black Jack, a Redcoat and short after Jamie Fraser, a Highlander rebel.
The genre is Drama, Fantasy and Romance, but it's not a real women series. It has a balance of everything from funny jokes to fights and tears.
A fun fact is that one of the actresses is Lotte Verbeek, who is not only Duch but was born in Venlo. And it makes me kind of proud because I live in Venlo :)
Overal I give the episode that aired a score of 8,5/10
I would given it a 9,5 if there would be subtitles to the Gaelic language that is partly used by the characters.
If you like a series with a smart female protagonist, history, honor, love hot men in kilts ;P Then you should definitely check this series out.
If you watch/watched Outlander let me know what you think of it.