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Like many people I love to read books and especially fiction. Why, it's quite difficult to write a story that isn't boring and have most/all facts right. It's even harder when you create a world out of ours, or between our world. A lot of writers fail at it or give to many details and make the story boring in this way.
But there are also writers that know what they're doing and give us masterpieces; one of them is Susan Ee. Her bestselling series is Penryn & the End of Days. She writes like a true story teller, not bothering with unnecessary details but also not forgetting the important ones.  The chemistry between her characters is real like in our imperfect lives. Not the girl meets boy, they fall I love, big fight and happy ever after. Her characters feel as real as you and me and even in their situation they worry about bad breath and greasy hair. The places she lets us visit are real in our world as in Penryn's. Her eye for facts and details is incredible.
What I like the most is her dedication for research, as a person who took self-defense classes it's nice to read about real fights rather than the movie scene ones. It's also nice that she tries to stay as close as possible to the angel lore. Because my family is Christian I'm raised in catholic believe. I don't go to church anymore but I always loved the stories about the archangels.
Her first book in the series is Angelfall
I found out about this book though  youtuber Xtinemay-> POLANDBANANAS20 and polandbananasBOOKS who held a BOOKTUBE-A-THON last year. Her reviews and talks about books are great.
I was hooked on this book after the first page and yes it is possible! I fell in love from the part:
Chapter 8     page 41
In Angelfall we see everything from Penryn's perspective and we meet the other main character Raffe (pronounce: Rah-fee)
My favorite characters except the main ones are the spymasters twin Dee-Dum. They are sneaky but kind and make me smile when I read about them. In some reviews they were compaired to the Weasley's twin Fred and George from the Harry Potter series, but I can't imagine them in any way as Fred and George.
The second book is World After
We get more ineraction between Penryn and her family and we see how diffecult it is for her to care for her bizzar family at her age. We get glimps of Raffe's thoughts and some information about his past from his sword wich Penryn accidetally named,
Wait for it.......
Pooky Bear!
We also find out how Paige came to be the way she is now. And we see Uriel from up close.
I rate both books: ★★★★★★★★★★ 95%
Why 95%? Both books are paperback and paoerbacks don't survive a long time with me.
If you want to watch full reviews of the books make sure to check out polandbananasBOOKS
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