Review Q&A A DAY journal

Personally, I love books and even dough I'm bad at writing I love to do it. I am a proud owner of a diary/journal and I like to write in it. I can scribble in it and no one can judge me. When I visited Utrecht I went to a book store there and saw a book called 'Our Q&A a day'. Of course I had to google it at home and I found a few other Q&A a day.

Our Q&A a Day
Is a journal for couples in wich you write answers to questions every day for 3 years. To solve the problem of two writers the lines are in two colours,  black and red. I bought one copy because I think it will be nice to look in a few years at the answers that I've written and my onther's half.  The journal can also show the changes in our relationship over the years and let us discover the little details about one another.
I have just one little problem,  and I know what you all are thinking: You don't have a boyfriend.
:P hahaha I do have a boyfriend, the problem is that he lives in Poland and I live in the Netherlands.  I want to move back to Poland after college and that will take me 4 more years!
ISBN: 978-0-7704-3668-1
Price: €14,99    £12,3    $20,80
Rating: ★★★★☆
Q&A a Day
Is a five-year-journal in wich you answere a question a day. Yes I bought two! One for my friend who wants to become a writer because she liked the 'Wreck my Journal' that I gave her last year. The second copy I bought for myself. I really like the questions because some of them are easy like: What did you ate today for breakfast?  And some are more difficult because you have to think about it like: Describe I tree words your spirituality.
ISBN: 978-0-307-71977-5
Price: €12,49    £10,4    $17,30
The only downside is the fact that I couldn't buy it in Polish translation.